Thanks to the governmental efforts; Egypt is in the midst of an extraordinary flow of new projects, with hundreds of large-scale projects. The current boom is mostly being driven by belief, that Egypt can become the ultimate economic hub in the region. Beyond the large project investments, a legion of smaller, independent projects – from shopping centers to housing complexes – now dots the local landscape. It all adds up to a vision of a nation ready to boom with prosperity; hence, more projects are yet to take place enriching the naturally rich economy.
The fact that textile digital printing demand continues to grow tremendously within the MENA region; urged Business Plus the leading trade fair organizers in the Middle East and Africa to organize a special edition of the well-known exhibition brand EGY STITCH & TEX in March 2019 to cater for the elevating demand on textile printing technologies and fabrics. Professionals from the textile industries segment in the MENA region interested in textile digital printing and fabrics can meet with key innovators and suppliers to source their prerequisites within EGY STITCH & TEX exhibition which will take place in Cairo during the period 28-31 March 2019.
EGY STITCH & TEX has shown steady growth within the previous 7 editions; and concreted its position as the number one trade fair for the textile industries in the Middle East and Africa. In response to the upward trend of the exhibitor, space, and visitor figures, the 2020 edition will be organized under the new brand “AFRO STITCH & TEX” to cater to the needs of the entire African continent as far as Garment, Spinning, Weaving, Sewing, Embroidery, Dyeing, Textile Printing, and Tricot Technologies, Machinery, Accessories, Fabrics, and Chemicals are concerned.
Egypt; the hosting country of EGY HOME TEX; is acknowledged internationally for its unrivaled quality, the Egyptian cotton enriches gigantic textile industries upsurge; forming a significant potential economic sector backing-up the rise of the national economy. Boosted by outstanding benefactions...