About Us

Business Plus is a leading Emirati holding group serving multiple business sectors, including commercial, trading, industrial, consulting, and events management; aiming at “Perfecting the Business Partnership Practices” through presenting integrated portfolios of high-performance business trade fairs; providing unprecedented trading opportunities for all business associates.

Some of the benefits and rewards the exhibitors get from our exhibitions, among many others, are:

finding new sales leads, contacting customers, introducing new products, selling more to present customers, using a variety of sales promotion programs, meeting new customers, reaching many prospects not reached through their sales force, educating customers with publications and audio-visual materials.

Over the past years, Business Plus Group established a golden reputation; with a direction for nonstop expansion, our core values include adherence to trade market needs, the capability of sending cutting edge trade solutions, investing in new business arenas, and encouraging cross-functional business collaboration.

Business Plus has always distinguished itself by its visionary approach, aiming to support the economic growth of the countries where the group interacts; providing them with more openness to the world through spectacular business arrays.

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