A Special Edition of EGY STITCH Dedicated to Textile Printing and Fabrics is to Kick-off in Cairo in March 2019

The fact that textile digital printing demand continues to grow tremendously within the MENA region; urged Business Plus the leading trade fair organizers in the Middle East and Africa to organize a special edition of the well-known exhibition brand EGY STITCH & TEX in March 2019 to cater for the elevating demand on textile printing technologies and fabrics.

Professionals from the textile industries segment in the MENA region interested in textile digital printing and fabrics can meet with key innovators and suppliers to source their prerequisites within EGY STITCH & TEX exhibition which will take place in Cairo during the period 28-31 March 2019.

EGY STITCH & TEX offers exhibitors turn-key introductions to the MENA markets; paving the way for textile printing and fabric manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers to capitalize on growing opportunities in one of the world’s most appealing business territories.

EGY STITCH & TEX with a well-demonstrated distinctive international and regional business inspiration marks the perfect all-year-round path to marketing and face-to-face selling and sourcing opportunities bringing together record-breaking figures comprising thousands of the regional and local most powerful professional buyers to reconnoiter the key technologies and the latest industrial tendencies showcased by the exhibitors.

Apart from gaining access to the latest innovations in the textile printing and fabric business segment; as well as networking opportunities, visitors of EGY STITCH & TEX can expect to learn about the latest industry trends and acquire new knowledge through the event’s various attractions.

EGY STITCH & TEX special edition for textile printing and fabrics is expected to witness a record-breaking figure of professional visitors and buyers from Egypt and the Entire MENA region; as the event is the sole and exclusive trade fair dedicated to textile printing and fabrics.