The International Exhibition for Water, Electricity, Renewable Energy and Power Technologies Setting the Benchmark for Business Opportunities

With unique features as a comprehensive trading forum serving Kenya and East Africa; WERPEX is explicitly the most decisive industrial and technology interchange trade happening dedicated to water, electricity, renewable energy and power ever-growing sectors.

Live, robust and far-reaching, WERPEX is a supreme avant-garde trade fair encompassing 4 major industrial sectors; with a prominent commercial and business exclusivity; displaying revolutionary technologies, products, services and solutions provided by the world’s top brands and key players within the water, electricity, renewable energy and power business sectors to serve the well-off marketplaces of Kenya and its rising neighboring states.

Signifying a stronghold for the entire value chain of industrial activities and processes; WERPEX remarkably makes-available a pathway for technology innovators, producers, suppliers, and buyers to exploit up-and-coming opportunities in one of the world’s most attractive business spots. 

WERPEX is indeed the most outstanding industrial trading site heightening cloud-piercing opportunities to create business connections among local, regional and international fraternities of the water, electricity, renewable energy and power sectors; shedding the light on new frontlines for world-shattering technologies, solutions and innovations.

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