Wall & Florex

Dynamic and across-the-board, WALL & FLOOREX is a superior multi-format trading forum with a diverse commercial and business distinctiveness; showcasing the most advanced turnkey solutions; introduced by the world’s key players in the wall and floor covering sector to cater for the elevating demand in Egypt and the MENA


Initiating the finest networking and commercial channels between the world’s key wall and floor covering industrialists from one side and Egypt’s and the MENA region’s top buyers and project owners from the other side; WALL & FLOOREX will demonstrate today’s and tomorrow’s innovations providing brand-new patterns for construction and infrastructure projects’ start-ups and development; whilst creating extremely attention-grabbing business solutions. Bestowing a stronghold for the entire spectrum of wall and floor value chain; WALL & FLOOREX exceptionally creates a path for international and regional innovators, suppliers, and buyers to tap into one of the world’s most appealing business territories; in an event of numerous values.

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